no vignette obligatory

Car drivers can either take the A7 from Kempten heading to Füssen and further to Reutte or the route via Garmisch und Ehrwald.

Those arriving from the A7 should leave road number …. at “Reutte Nord”. At the roundabout tale the first exit and pass through Pflach. In Reutte stay on the main road, drive past the train station (left hand side). At the next roundabout take the first exit, go on straight ahead through the second roundabout. At the third roundabout take the second exit saying “Lechtal”. Cross the bridge to Lechaschau and further to Höfen. From there drive on until you can see the SECOND sign “Hahnenkamm”, turn right, drive on until the crossroads. From there go on, always STRAIGHT AHEAD (don’t enter the village), until you can see the draglift “Schollenwiesenlift”. At the draglift take the left. Now you should see a wooden cottage. Take the left und follow the sign “Haus Dreer” until the end of the driveway

10°40'51"E    47°28'10"N  Koordinaten   Lärchbichlweg 22 A-6604 Höfen

We would like to wish you a nice trip.

Family Doris und Sigi Dreer
Lärchbichlweg 22
A-6600 Höfen
Tel. ++43 5672 71412
Mobil  ++43 676 7559466

Ferienwohnung Haus Berta Höfen Reutte Tirol / Lärchbichlweg 22  Tel.: +43 (0) 5672 71412